SINCE 2010
SINCE 2010

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The foudnation for great success in life is relationship.  All things transpire with a relationship.  Whether it is professional or personal relationship, it is our belief that good relationship equates to good outcome.   Matchpoint Martial Arts is a private maritla arts school where fundamentals of good relatioships are taught: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.  These tenet of Taekwondo also serve as a foundation to build a good relationship with others.  We are a martial arts school that value relationships.  We are a martial arts schoool that value the opinions of our members.  We are a martial arts school that focus on the goals of our members.   We are a martial arts school where families come together and grow together.   We are a martial arts school that want to make a difference in you life!  

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Matchpoint Martial Arts

1736 W 130th St

Unit #130

Brunswick, OH 44212



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